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Air source heat pumps take energy from the air outside, and using a process which is similar to reversed refrigeration raise it to a higher temperature. The air handling unit draws air across the collecting panel and transfers this energy into the refrigerant. Adding energy boils the refrigerant into a blend of gasses. These gasses are then compressed to produce temperatures in excess of 100°C.




Air source heat pumps are ideal for applications where there is insufficient land or water available to collect energy from. Air source is cheaper to install than other heat pumps but can be less economical to run in cold weather. For larger buildings/commercial applications, a row or bank of air source heat pumps may be required.


Uniquely, Our offer a number of Air Source Heat pump permutations from mono-block systems, split gas systems and split water systems to suit individual properties and requirements. In some exceptional applications it is possible to back up a smaller air source heat pump with traditional heating technology to supplement any shortfall in the heating due to limitations of the building fabric or power supply.








Our Air Source Heat Pumps provide an alternative low cost solution for space heating and hot water.


Air source heat pumps are also suitable for hot water and comfort/background cooling applications which provide a comprehensive solution for both domestic and commercial applications. Air source heat pumps are ideal to be used when you want to reduce your oil and bottled gas heating bills dramatically.


  • Can lower your home ?s carbon emissions, thus reducing your carbon footprint
  • Fit & Forget technology due to very little maintenance once installed
  • Can provide space heating and hot water
  • Easier to install than other heat pump types
  • No more fuel deliveries needed or risk of fuel theft / leaks
  • No civil ground works (or associated costs incurred) ? making this an advantageous option over ground source heat pump versions




The fan unit (air handling unit) is positioned outside the outside building on a slab or bracketed to a wall. The fan is the only moving part of the outdoor unit. The unit requires no ongoing maintenance other than an occasional clean by the user. Our full range of Air Source Heat Pumps can be viewed here. All technical information can be accessed here.


Air source heat pumps can be used as a complete solution for room heating using the same distribution system as a ground source heat pump or a traditional system. Air source heat pumps are ideal for very tight spaces and within an eco architectural design or within the design of a building which has large internal spaces such as audience halls and public places.


Air source heat pumps are unique as they have no major parts outside exposed to the elements, which means that the compressor and circulation pumps are all internal. The intake fan is the only feature which is external and kept at optimum working temperature with the support of an internal defrost cycle system ensuring 365 day operation in all seasons.


The internal defrost system uses the hot water collected by the air source heat pump as opposed to direct electric. These types of systems can last in excess of 20 years. The recommended maintenance for the outdoor unit is simply to hose it down once a year. In coastal areas this process should be repeated each season.


We can be contacted for all enquiries for Air Source Heat Pumps at  or by calling 0800 644 6002.


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